Quántóu Rising

Quántóu Rising

Book Two

The Sepa Series

New Bhutan is rioting after the closing of The SEPA Project. In an effort to gain the people’s favor, the Family plans a tour of every settlement within the barrier.

While Penna tries to win over her people, Cadence gets swept up in everyone else’s plans.

Hui wants to save the Banjarians before it's too late.

Sepora wants to save Penna.

Zeesha, Tashi’s personal guard, wants her sisters back.

They will face more challenges than they ever expected, but each must succeed. With Tashi’s plans set in motion, the lives of the Banjarians and the New Bhutanese depend on it.

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Reviews For Quántóu Rising

"An absolute gem, this series has me hooked. It has a tale that simply pulls you in and immerses you deeply into the world building, the characters, and the journey.

After book one, I knew I would be a fan of the author for life, and she didn't disappoint. We find our heroes (there are many) seeking to reunite the memories of Sepora with her Sepa body... Hui being the caretaker and bearing the burden of her pain and history. But things start moving fast when Penna and Cadence go on a tour to invite the people to their upcoming wedding.

As they join together as a group, secrets are revealed, plots thicken, and allegiances shift.

Hui finds himself on a journey of his own, Penna discovers some dark truths that shake her core, and Cadence must finally decide to be a man and stand up to his father. And, bittersweet, Sepora finds family in the most unexpected place.

But will all of this be enough to save them from Tashi's dark plans? I can't tell you! I don't want to give it away, but I was crying, rooting for them, and astonished at the emotions this author is able to evoke on the page. This is an epic tale that will make you think, make you feel, and make you want so much more.

And thank goodness another book is planned!

I will be first in line for it.

Highly recommend!"

"Fantastic book, so well written. You get a bit more history of the world, learn more ways The Family does things. The characters and the world are well written. I can't wait for the next book!"