When All That's Left Are Stories; Diaries From the Dystopia

Twelve writers from around the world bring their unique visions of the future to these pages. This dystopian and sci-fi collection allows readers to explore new worlds, new technology, and new traditions, while holding fast to the hope that makes us human.

Moody's story "Tandin's Ram" is a prequel to The SEPA Project, exploring the origins of the Rams a mere generation after the divide.  The second story "Dream Snatchers" came to her in a dream and refused to go away until pen hit paper. 

Writers include  A.A. Rubin, Chiamaka Muoneke, Emma Merrell, Bob Freeman, Lauren Cipollo, Deon Ashleigh, Ellie Lieberman, J. Moody, Melissa Rose Rogers, Dewi Hargreaves, Kristen Illarmo, and Nicholas Katsanis.

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Once Upon Another Time: Fresh Tales from the Far Side of Fantasy

This free anthology features two short stories by J. Moody

Hansel and Gretel Were Here

To make peace with the past, a salty Gretel returns to the cabin where she lost her brother. The cabin welcomes her back.

The Deliverer

When the water ran out, the Leftovers and the Deliverers remained. They do what it takes to survive.

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"To Be A Woman" follows an imaginative child as she toes the line between childhood and womanhood alongside her drug addicted parents. The story won the Ooligan Press Best Horror Story Award in 2010

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